Synthboy+ Special Edition


SKIP TO 3:15 if you want to hear AUDIO DEMO!

SYNTHBOY Special Edition

Excited to finally release this full featured packed instrument.  We added a voltage clock out for LSDJ.  This completes the voltage capabilities.  You can now trigger your modular synthesizer with LSDJ and use your modular synthesizer to trigger sounds with mGB.  The Gameboy Color is also added to this release!  Super stable and super reliable! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

livenes from Plogue controlled by Eurorack modular synth gear!

Plogue has released livenes for the NES. I have modded a D-pad controller to be controlled via voltage from my eurorack modular synthesizer. I hope to have carts of livenes available soon as well as info on the mod needed to control it via control voltage. Special thanks to David from Plogue for all of his efforts on this. Please check out their sites here:

Improv Synthboy+ MOD3

Had a chance to sit down with some euro modular gear and push a couple of Synthboy+’s with the MOD3 upgrade.  I used the new  ‘Clock Synced LFO’ from to control timing and also for those crazy timing changes.  The rest of the gear is from Pittsburgh Modular.  Includes the modules ‘timetable’, ‘vcbend’, ‘sequencers’ and ‘adsr’.  MOD3 is very responsive to analog gear.

Introducing MCTRL!

Take MIDI control of your NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) with the MCTRL (pronounced M-CONTROL) .  There are many homebrew audio/video titles for the NES that can’t easily be synced with your traditional DAW or MIDI keyboard/device, until now.   MIDI ‘IN’, ‘OUT’ and ‘THRU’ allow you to seamlessly add this to your existing MIDI setup.



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

First we would like to wish everyone happy holidays!  We have been busy.  The web server has been upgrade to a 64bit platform and we have streamlined the interface with fibre from the headend.  We plan to release a technical update soon for the Synthboy+ as we have had a few issues that have been brought to our attention based on Firewire midi interfaces.

I also wanted to post a link to a site where MotZilla has rewritten the interface software for the USB flash cart.  Here is the link to the site.
This software is for Windows platforms only at this time.  I would suggest everyone go and get it now as this is hosted on a third party site and can disappear at any time!

We have a new product we are working on and we will release more information about it next year.  We encourage everyone to give us feedback and let us know how we can make our product better.
Thank you and see ya next year!

On to final assembly and testing!

Last week was very productive.  This week we are focused on assembly and testing.  We will start emailing you directly to confirm shipping address and give you an estimate date of delivery.  Look for more updates the closer we get as I will want everyone to keep watch for their Synthboy+.
Thank you again to everyone for all of your support.

Nice break.

It was nice to take a break from the Synthboy+. I was able to work on the rack mount Ninstrument’s this week. We will be able to work more on the Ninstrument’s as soon as we ship the last Kickstarter Synthboy+’s. We will be able to take advantage of all of the development we are doing on the Synthboy+’s and include it in the Ninstruments!  More on that soon!

This week we are waiting for PCB’s. We are also working on making the Gameboy Pocket compatible with the Synthboy+. We had a little problem with a few of the backlights we received from Asmretro. Apeshit is aware of the problem and is working very hard on a solution. I hope to continue working on the DIY backlight manual too.

See ya soon.

Cases are nearly complete.

This week was spent focusing on screen-printing the graphics on the top enclosures. I was able to finish both the front print and the top print for all of the cases. I also built a jig that will allow me to cut the indents in the front for the two momentary switches. All of the clear polyester windows came out great!

T-shirt rewards will be sent out this week. I also start work on the back panel cut outs as well as screen-printing the graphics. Most important will be the finalization of the PCB design. We are very close and I’m happy with all of the changes and additions we have made. I will show a screen shot of the finalized board next week. Josh and I will be working hard on installing the backlight kits and I will work on the backlight kit DIY guide.

See ya next week.

Most components have arrived!

Cases were the big one I really wanted to get started on. We had a little time this last week, so I worked up a prototype idea of what MOD2 could be. I still have a few issues I have to work out, but I’m happy with those new low tones!

I was able to get all of the top enclosures cut. Josh was working on modding Gameboys. Ordered backlights and we hope ‘Apeshit’ from ASMretro can get those shipped fairly soon. (I just sent him the email yesterday. Waiting on those last few survey’s.) I hope to get started on ‘dropping’ in the clear polyester mass cast resin windows in the top enclosures, this week.

We still have a few survey’s that have not been returned. If I don’t see them this week, I will email those people directly.

We are working intensely on a final PCB revision. I keep adding stuff I want! I’m giving myself to the end of the month.

I hope you enjoy the sounds in this video. I use NeX’s GBLFO along with MOD1 and now MOD2 to create this sound. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.
Talk to you soon,