Next run of Synthboy+’s almost ready!

Aside from getting the flu this week I’m trying to finish up the next batch of Synthboy+’s.  I will send out an email to everyone who is on the waiting list first, so if you have been waiting, please make sure you have contacted me and you can be added to the list.   We will be launching our new product on Valentines day.  We are excited.  There will only be a very small number of units available, so we expect them to go fast.  Please keep us up to date if you have upcoming music releases.  We will post them here!

On to final assembly and testing!

Last week was very productive.  This week we are focused on assembly and testing.  We will start emailing you directly to confirm shipping address and give you an estimate date of delivery.  Look for more updates the closer we get as I will want everyone to keep watch for their Synthboy+.
Thank you again to everyone for all of your support.

We are excited!!!

Thank you to everyone who backed the SYNTHBOY+! We have received emails and support from around the world and would like to thank everyone for the great response. We will be starting immediately on building user guides and the ‘how-to-mod’ guides. We have to wait for funds to clear which takes 15 days; then we can place orders for components. However we have plenty to work on between now and then.

One of our focuses is to work on building this community. We appreciate feedback from you and want to encourage you to make comments and ask questions. You can do this through Kickstarter, but we would rather you do this on We ask this because we are building our business and want you to be part of it. Your thoughts and questions will provide insight to OUR future customers and it makes sense for this information be listed on our site. We will consider a forum, but for right now we would like to focus on the product and the blog format provides plenty of direct involvement. We expect criticism and encourage you to help us find solutions to the problems as well as pointing them out We are normal people and have feelings. We are not a huge corporation. I only say this as I have backed other projects on Kickstarter and I have read comments that are really mean and negative. Honestly the golden rule is appreciated. Please treat us like you would want to be treated.

We have big plans and we are very excited that you are helping us accomplish them. Communication is key in building a new business. Expect an update on every Sunday sometime during the day. If you have any questions or need help directly, please don’t hesitate to email me directly at chrisATblarskyDOTcom or use our ‘contact’ page which also goes directly to me. We plan on drawing the winner from the 7 who backed the $35.00 reward next update.

Let’s make some great music and some cool noise!

Progress so far,

Josh and I have been making progress. Our developer is making progress as well. We have heard all of the suggestions for CV/Gate control and are working hard on a solution. We will also have a Kickstarter project launch in a couple of months to try and help fund some more features we would like to incorporate. We will start the build of the next prototype on March 11th. We appreciate all of the support and look forward to building some very cool sound modules.


Ninstrument Prototype I Video

Here is the prototype taken for a spin.  No Chip Maestro sounds featured in this video.  We wait patiently. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments please leave a reply.

The response has been great.  We would like to thank Richard Devine for tweeting this project.  We are fans of yours as well.