Synthboy+ Special Edition


SKIP TO 3:15 if you want to hear AUDIO DEMO!

SYNTHBOY Special Edition

Excited to finally release this full featured packed instrument.  We added a voltage clock out for LSDJ.  This completes the voltage capabilities.  You can now trigger your modular synthesizer with LSDJ and use your modular synthesizer to trigger sounds with mGB.  The Gameboy Color is also added to this release!  Super stable and super reliable! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Next run of Synthboy+!

I am looking to release these on July 2nd. If you are on the early bird list,      PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

I hit a small delay with a few ‘out of stock’ components which has pushed me to delay for a month until I get them in.  More info very soon.

In process now, hope to have ready by the end of next month.  This small run will have one new feature and one big bonus.  If you are interested in getting on the list, let me know as this will be a small run.  More info soon.


Coming Together

Electric Type has released his first track using the Synthboy+! I am watching his progress intently! Check out his bandcamp page because his composition is spot on in my opinion!

More details about the upcoming MOD2

One of the features we have worked on in the upcoming MOD2 is the ability to add different model Gameboys.  Here in this animation you can see the orginal DMG-01, the MGB and the GBC.  This was both a technical challenge and a physical one.  The technical part was to try and accommodate different voltages for the various Gameboys.  We are still working and stress testing a few of the different models to make sure they will be able to handle the abuse.  The physical part is adding the DB9 connector so it functions in the same manner as the original DMG-01.  We have had to augment the bottoms to allow the use and access for the connector.  We are still working on the best method to do this.  We might have several revisions before we are confident on the most durable way to proceed.  If you have any suggestions or ideas, please leave a comment.

If you are wondering why we are going through the trouble of adding more models, the easiest way to explain it would be: it would depend on what you are using which model to do what with.  Each model has its strengths and weakness’.  For instance, if you would like a little less mid-range and more gritty lows, than the Pocket(MGB) is great for this.  If you want stable performance while performing extreme pitch mods than the Color is the best choice.  There are audio quality differences between models too.

Next post I will talk about the clock side of MOD2 as well as the DB9 cable change/add we did before we shipped your Synthboy+’s.  See ya next post.


Everything has shipped!

Had a couple of issues and I want to reassure those people we will take care of those issues.  If you have had any problem with shipping or customs or anything, please email me directly.   We thank you again for all of your support for this project. We worked very hard and we are extremely happy with how this has turned out so far.  Expect us to keep going forward with development of more features and modifications.

Expect an update at least once a month.  I will email out an update roughly around the first of every month.  If any of you would like to beta test modifications and help us with information guides and general overall help. Please contact me directly.  We appreciate any help keeping the forward momentum going:)

Many of you have let us know that you will try and include this into your music.  We are honored and pleased and please let us know as we will publish Soundcloud and YouTube links right here on this blog.  We are excited to hear how the Synthboy+’s perform.  We expect that you will have suggestions and ideas on how to make things even better. If you have a chance we would love to see pictures of your modded Gameboys. Please leave comments and let us know.

For those who want to use the DB9 cable we included or your own, please be aware that it will NOT work without a modification to the Gameboy or the cable.  It will work standard with the upcoming MOD2.  I will have more information about this next week.
Thank you,

And again we are very thankful for your support.

Chris and Josh

Sexboy’s and colored Synthboy+’s are ready to ship!

Sexboy’s and the colored Synthboy+’s are ready to ship and will ship as soon as I have confirmation of address’.  Expect to receive that email tomorrow.  Testing has begun on the rest and we expect to have the majority done this week. I have included a pic of the serialized labels that will be attached to the bottom of the Synthboy+’s.  The Sexboy’s labels are different and use a different serial code structure.

This week will be a lot of fun and we are very close.

Soichi Terada please contact me directly to resolve your pledge discrepancy.

Thank you again to everyone for their support!

On to final assembly and testing!

Last week was very productive.  This week we are focused on assembly and testing.  We will start emailing you directly to confirm shipping address and give you an estimate date of delivery.  Look for more updates the closer we get as I will want everyone to keep watch for their Synthboy+.
Thank you again to everyone for all of your support.