Build guide step #7

Build out of the boards is complete.  Josh did a fantastic job soldering all of the components in.  These look cool too!  Now it is on to testing.

We built a test rig to test these.

With them tested it is time to install them.

Made one modification to the back bracket.  Needed to notch out the aluminum to allow for for the larger cartridges that carry small button cell batteries inside them.

Next post we make slots in the bonnet to allow access to the cartridge slots.  Here is a start.

The Atari 2600’s are powered by synthcart. The Commodore 64’s are powered by Mssiah, cynthcart. The NES are powered by Chip Maestro, NTRQ, MidiNES. The Gameboys are powered by Arduinoboy/mGB, LSDJ, nanoloop.