Synthboy+ Special Edition


SKIP TO 3:15 if you want to hear AUDIO DEMO!

SYNTHBOY Special Edition

Excited to finally release this full featured packed instrument.  We added a voltage clock out for LSDJ.  This completes the voltage capabilities.  You can now trigger your modular synthesizer with LSDJ and use your modular synthesizer to trigger sounds with mGB.  The Gameboy Color is also added to this release!  Super stable and super reliable! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE!

Jammin’ with a Synthboy+!

Recently BloodCode got his Synthboy+ set up and shared a little of what he was working on. You can check out more here:


Quick Super 8 project info update.

low_budget just released NES Super8 in limited quantities. Links here:

Links bounce you to both a NES Super8 with included RGB PPU and without. I can’t urge you enough to take advantage of getting one of these for a project we will release next year. Super8 will give you much better audio than a traditional top loader NES and crystal clean graphics too.

Build guide step #8

The best way to do this was to have the metal punched out with a punch press, however since I only had two units to work on I decided to cut the slots out with my plasma torch.  Using the plasma torch makes this quick and won’t warp the 16 awg steel.  Needed to make a wooden template out of three quarter ply.

The template makes this a precise cut.  Wood also does not conduct electricity and is reasonable as an insulator.  All four cuts made in less than two minutes.

Clean up done with air tools and metal files.  Once cleaned up a nice sand job with 400 grit and a quick coat of semi-gloss enamel around the edge.

Not surgical, but it works and I’m happy with the result.  Next post we work on the breakout board for the D-Pad and A and B buttons and the Select and Start buttons as well as the mode button and the mode LED’s!  Yes, pretty complicated and it has been one of the most challenging problems to solve.  Mostly because of the limited space in the front panel available for it and all of the functionality needed in it!