What is a Ninstrument?

A Ninstrument is a custom built rack mountable sound module that can accommodate any number of vintage gaming systems to produce unique era centric sounds. We use only ORIGINAL HARDWARE in our systems. We don’t use emulators or knock-off type products.

You can choose what systems you would like to have in your Ninstrument. Each system is custom made and tailored to you specifically. As you can imagine, having it personalized for you, means we build it for you. As such we are not shipping you a ready made product off of the shelf. It can be built in as little as four weeks, or take up to four months to build and test.

These original gaming systems are approaching 30 years in age. Due to this we sort through a lot of bad or malfunctioning gear to pick out the absolute best possible electronics to put in our systems. This also can mean we have a unit or system that can malfunction or stop working. We offer a service plan that will insure a trouble free working unit.

We use the best components possible to build our systems. Steel cabinets with aluminum and polycarbonate sandwiched front panels insure gig ready durability. High quality reverse printed, screen-printed Lexan front covers are one of the the most durable surfaces you can buy.

We pride ourselves on our communication with our customers and are constantly improving and updating our product.


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    •           We hope to have pricing and availability info after our next prototype is complete. This first prototype was to test if it could even be done. Please check back in four weeks to watch our step by step build guide of the next prototype. It will have features included that are firsts of their kind in the industry! We hope to have a video of this prototype in the next couple of weeks. Please check back on the blog page where we will have the latest info.
      Thanks again for the interest.

  1. You can midify all the ancients such as the c64, nes and megadrive then run all inside 1 self contained rack module? sounds awesome..
    How about snes/amiga sampled instuments?

  2. This looks pretty incredible. If you can pull this off reasonably affordable I give you a ton of credit. The prototype is very slick indeed. I would love to have an Atari ST/YM2149 version (not to mention about 10 other consoles/computers).

  3. We are working hard to bring the cost of the rack mount Ninstrument’s down to a reasonable level. We are also working on better technology to incorporate into those rack units to maximize their usage.
    Thank you for your interest

  4. I’m curious if you will develop a ym 2149 platform, I would happily pay out the noise for this, a lovely instrument with nes, game boy and ym 2149….or 2 ym’s and 2 ay chips would be a dream, with the hardware reset to emulate pwm ala stu, atari sound! Please!

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