Almost there!

We are past half way in both time left and in funding. Thank you for supporting the SYNTHBOY+! We had a question from a couple chiptune musicians about performing with the Gameboy in their hands. This is no problem and is easily accomplished with a standard DB9 serial extension cable. This cable can even be locked in place to prevent accidental unplugging. We will include one of these cables with all the colored SYNTHBOY+ rewards as well as the SEXBOYS. These are easy to find and can be found at your local computer stores.

We would like to entice more potential backers by offering ‘MOD 1’ free to all of our backers who back a SYNTHBOY+. From the DIY to the SEXBOYS! We will send out the survey upon successful funding and ask if you would like ‘MOD 1’ installed for you. This is a cool effect and expands the stereo separation of the GBLFO. You don’t have to have it installed, but we are offering to install it for free.

Josh is working on another vid showing how he uses the SYNTHBOY+. Look to see that in the next 7 days. Thank you again for all of the support.

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