AfroDjMac releases 8-bit sample pack for Ableton Live

AfroDjMac has released an awesome 8bit sample pack for Ableton Live.  He has spent a considerable amount of time on this and I was glad to help out in any way I could.  You can check it out on his pre-order page HERE!

I have had a chance to check these samples out directly and I am impressed with the level of detail Brain has spent perfecting each one.  Please check it out 🙂

Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings from The Glasgow School of Art from The Glasgow School of Art on Vimeo.

Saw this and thought it was a perfect fit. Nice to see some of my gifts from Christmas past.

The ensemble: A collection of vintage Mac computers, a Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum + 1 and a SEGA Mega Drive perform a rendition of ‘Carol of the Bells’ with lyrics re-written by Robert Florence & Philip Larkin in the Mackintosh Library at The Glasgow School of Art. Jacket by (Alan Moore, GSA Textiles alumnus 2008).

Synthboy+ Eurorack

With MOD3 the Synthboy+ is a versatile sound and noise maker.  Here you hear primarily Synthboy+ along with uLFO, FunCGene, Cyclebox and 8BD.  Triggered by Trigger Riot, Turing Machine, Z8000 and Pitts Sequencers.  Make sure to check out the MOD3 page for more info!  CLICK HERE

Hand Held Legend

We have a new vendor we would like to announce. has a great DIY backlight that I really like.  I like it so much I invited him to post an AD here on  I asked him a few questions to gain some insight to why he is working on this retro game stuff:

Who are you, where do you ship from primarily?

I am a graduate student located out of Philadelphia PA and attend a local university in hopes of becoming an optometrist.

Why are you doing this and what inspires you to create new product? 

Working with my hands and building things is a hobby and most of all a stress reliever. I find inspiration to create and build things based on my childhood, Gameboys being one of the most memorable. I respect and appreciate the music artists who can take simple sounds and create complex and elegant tracks with them. I only hope that my back lights and products can create a better experience for gamers and chiptune people alike.

How long you have been doing this?

A new hobby, for me I have only been creating Game Boy products for a year.

Any new things to look out for that are coming up?

New back light colors should be in and ready for order by January 2nd, 2014. Attempting to create DMG screen covers, DMG shells, a clear LED panel (for GBC) and possibly buttons.

Definitely check out his site if you are modding your own Gameboys and keep checking back for new products.