NES Super 8 Custom Cases

low_budget is about to release a new and improved NES Super 8!  I was tapped to work the cases from Polycase and perform the necessary cuts and prints on the ABS plastic shells. The Super 8’s audio is much cleaner than the original NES. It will accept a RGB PPU allowing a huge upgrade in cleaner and crisper graphics too. We have featured the Super 8 before in this POST.  It was awesome to have a helping hand in making the best NES clone using 100% genuine chips.

If you are interested in getting your hands on the best NES clone available, please CONTACT us and we will get it arranged with Nick.

Coming Together

Electric Type has released his first track using the Synthboy+! I am watching his progress intently! Check out his bandcamp page because his composition is spot on in my opinion!

Couple of specials that will run for the rest of the year!

We have been overwhelmed by the response of MOD3. I would like to share that excitement with the rest of you by offering MOD3 FREE for all new purchases of the Premium Color Synthboy+ and the Sexboy Synthboy+. Please place your order and I will confirm all the necessary details with you via email. Of course I will perform the upgrade for you if you want me to.

I also have added a couple of prototypes to the prototypes page. Including a MOD3 prototype that was the one we used to test with in the lab.  These are great deals!