Improv Synthboy+ MOD3

Had a chance to sit down with some euro modular gear and push a couple of Synthboy+’s with the MOD3 upgrade.  I used the new  ‘Clock Synced LFO’ from to control timing and also for those crazy timing changes.  The rest of the gear is from Pittsburgh Modular.  Includes the modules ‘timetable’, ‘vcbend’, ‘sequencers’ and ‘adsr’.  MOD3 is very responsive to analog gear.

LSDJ Tutorial – Ghost Channel

TylerBarnes has created a very good in depth video about the ‘Ghost Channel’ in LSDJ. He says this about it “Ok, so I’ve had this tutorial in mind for ages and finally decided to make it. This is a method I’ve devised for getting an extra channel of sound out of LSDj. This hidden channel of sound is given to us via custom waveforms + frame switching. I’ve tried to be as clear as possible when explaining how it works and how to play with it, so pardon me if I’m not the best teacher. Also forgive the very long runtime, but I had a ton of info to pass on. Without further adieu, here is a video Demonstration/Tutorial on ‘The Ghost Channel’.”