Digifest 2013!!!

We were invited to show off our wares at the Digifest/Starfest 2013 this year.  Champion played a set and we had a chance to introduce more people to the wonderful world of chipmusic.  Macy (shown above) in his spiffy ‘spenders’ (one of the members of Champion) tells a few people stopping by about his experiences using the Synthboy+. John (the guy in the red beanie) had fun discovering what real hardware was like as opposed to the fakebit sounds he was use to using from his iPad.

We would like to give a very special thank you to Mike Hance who invited us to this year’s DIGIFEST 2013.  We look to do even more next year!

Added a Sexboy prototype to the store!

We have a couple of Sexboy PROTOTYPES that have seen limited action and thought we would release them under the PROTOTYPES section of the store.  These will be extremely rare!  They are identical to the regular Sexboy other than they are missing some pads on the PCB that would make additional upgrades easier.  Remember these Gameboys have had their slower CPU’s switched out with the faster ones found in the SNES Gameboy adapter.  These will be priced to sell, so if you wanted a chance to get some real 8-bit power for cheap, now is your chance.  Check them out HERE.           ****Well I thought I was going to post up 2 of them, but I already sold one, so there will only be one put up.  Good Luck!****

Don’t worry we are VERY hard at work finishing up all of the little details and testing of MOD3!  Stay tuned for more info.

Like LSDJ? You will love Pulsar!

If you use LSDJ on a Gameboy, then you will feel right at home with Pulsar. Pulsar runs on an Nintendo Entertainment System.  Neil Balwin (The creator) describes it this way on his site, “Pulsar (rightly) gained the nickname of ‘LSDJ for the NES’. Features a very similar UI to LSDJ so LSDJ users will find it reasonably familiar. Highlights include Auto Echo (of course!), complex Table-based FX, a unique ‘multi-voice’ table effect, amplitude modulation ‘distortion’, scalable 180hz refresh rate for higher fidelity.”

Personally I like to use Pulsar as a solo lead inserted anywhere in my set for that original NES sound. MCTRL allows midi control of the basic functions of Pulsar.  You can midi sync Pulsar with your existing MIDI set up with the MCTRL.

Neil Baldwin has been generous by releasing great NES sound programming titles. You can check out his site here: http://www.nes-audio.com/ If you select one of Neil’s titles to include with your MCTRL a donation will be made to the ‘Just Giving’ charity under his name, located here: http://www.justgiving.com/Neil-Baldwin

These carts are difficult to create. We have built in features that we believe will be useful. We have added board level sockets so you can easily remove the Eprom and replace/upgrade easily. If there are future updated versions you can easily replace the Eprom’s. There are two battery holders so you can change out the battery and not lose your .sav files. The usual security screws have been changed out with regular Phillips head screws so you can gain access to the internal board easily.

More info HERE!