low_budget’s NES SUPER 8


Low_Budget has produced a pcb that has RGB PPU capabilities right out of the box.  This gives you excellent video quality and color separation while keeping the old school feel.  The sound is great and is very easy to work with.  He designed his pcb to work with the same ABS shell that we used for the Synthboy+ design, so of course I enjoyed customizing my own.  If you are interested in getting your own, check out his thread over at Atariage.com located here:  http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/203257-nes-super-8-project/

Digital Music User Group last night!


DMUG had their meet up last night and we were invited to show off what we have been up to.  I had a chance to meet Mark from the local chiptune band Champion. (as seen in the above pics)  We had a great time demonstrating Synthboy+ as well as showing what the MCTRL could do!  A special thanks goes out to Marc Wei for inviting us.