Synthboy+ Programmers Guide added.

Added the Synthboy+ Replacement & Programmers Guide to the Documentation Page.  Here is the link:  CLICK HERE!  The guide is zipped.  You will need Adobe Reader to view this guide.  If you added the ‘Programmers Option’ to your Synthboy+, then this is a must have guide for you.  We have plans for the GBLFO Arduino too so stay tuned for more info!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

First we would like to wish everyone happy holidays!  We have been busy.  The web server has been upgrade to a 64bit platform and we have streamlined the interface with fibre from the headend.  We plan to release a technical update soon for the Synthboy+ as we have had a few issues that have been brought to our attention based on Firewire midi interfaces.

I also wanted to post a link to a site where MotZilla has rewritten the interface software for the USB flash cart.  Here is the link to the site.
This software is for Windows platforms only at this time.  I would suggest everyone go and get it now as this is hosted on a third party site and can disappear at any time!

We have a new product we are working on and we will release more information about it next year.  We encourage everyone to give us feedback and let us know how we can make our product better.
Thank you and see ya next year!

A Very Chiptune Christmas

Samantha over at has just released her very cool and fun Christmas EP titled ‘A Very Chiptune Christmas’.  Go check it out here:

We plan on playing it all month long here in the shop:)  She also just posted an in depth review at about the Synthboy+, go check it out here:

We appreciate the kind words and the unique detailed approach to how Samantha makes her awesome chiptunes!  Keep up the great work and please let us know when you make more.

I’m working on the first monthly newsletter.  Expect it in the next couple of days.  If you want to receive the newsletter, please enter your email in the widget at the top right ==>>