Synthboy+’s ready to ship!

Expect an address confirmation email on Tuesday!  If you don’t see it, please check your junkmail!  We are excited to be shipping out the Kickstarter rewards a full month+ early!!!  We again want to thank everyone for supporting us. Code has been released and guides have been added.  Please check the links under the SYNTHBOY+ above. 🙂 We will add more MOD information there soon.

We look to release MOD2 in January of next year.  MOD3 will be soon after that.  We also will open our online store in two or three weeks. In the store we will have more modded Synthboy+’s and also a very special Sexboy we call the Unicorn.  Look for it soon.

More updates will be forthcoming.  If you have any problems with customs or shipping or any other issue, please email me directly

In case any of you were wondering what my day job is, here is a sneak peak. Here I’m standing next to one of my creations. I’m the project manager for a balloon company in Denver, Colorado.

Happy Halloween!

Sexboy’s and colored Synthboy+’s are ready to ship!

Sexboy’s and the colored Synthboy+’s are ready to ship and will ship as soon as I have confirmation of address’.  Expect to receive that email tomorrow.  Testing has begun on the rest and we expect to have the majority done this week. I have included a pic of the serialized labels that will be attached to the bottom of the Synthboy+’s.  The Sexboy’s labels are different and use a different serial code structure.

This week will be a lot of fun and we are very close.

Soichi Terada please contact me directly to resolve your pledge discrepancy.

Thank you again to everyone for their support!

On to final assembly and testing!

Last week was very productive.  This week we are focused on assembly and testing.  We will start emailing you directly to confirm shipping address and give you an estimate date of delivery.  Look for more updates the closer we get as I will want everyone to keep watch for their Synthboy+.
Thank you again to everyone for all of your support.

Soldering of PCB’s finished!

I finished up the soldering of the PCB’s this week and started working on soldering the wires to the potentiometers.  Getting pretty fast at working with solder these days.  Looking to finish up the pots and hopefully get holes drilled in the top enclosures too this week.  Also looking to wrap up testing on MOD2.  Making great progress as we hope to finish here soon and may even ship out at the end of the month.  Fingers crossed.