Soldering half done.

Exciting week as we can start to see the home stretch.  Soldering has gone faster than we expected, which should give us a jump start on testing and potentiometer soldering for next week.  FieldingBlue, has made progress with MOD3 and we sent his Synthboy+ to him on Friday.  He resides in Australia, so he should see it next week.  It was a great feeling double boxing up and sending out the first Synthboy+!

PCB’s cut out and shapen.

Fun week this week as we are really making progress.  Cutting out the PCB’s went smoothly and after inspecting each and every board, I have to say they look great!  This coming week we start what will seem like an eternal soldering process, but we will work as hard and as fast as possible.  Also we ship out kits to our developers so they can start testing MOD3.  More on that soon.

On a side note Josh and I are entering the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge.  We built the MCBC-01 during the week and a half we took a break from the SYNTHBOY+.  IF you like it, please ‘like it’.  We are getting a bunch of iPad haters.  The iPad is not necessary for the unit to function, just thought it would be a cool interface.  Here is the video if you are interested.


PCB’s have arrived!

We received them Friday. We are excited to get moving forward on building SYNTHBOY+’s. Silver Circuits did a great job and I would recommend them to anybody who is interested in getting any board made. We will focus on cutting and shaping the boards this week. I would also like to start our rigourous testing too.

We made a few minor improvements to the code this week. We still are tweaking and testing. The code will be published right before we ship. Still working on the Gameboy Pocket model compatability. Excited to see these coming to life!

See ya soon.

Nice break.

It was nice to take a break from the Synthboy+. I was able to work on the rack mount Ninstrument’s this week. We will be able to work more on the Ninstrument’s as soon as we ship the last Kickstarter Synthboy+’s. We will be able to take advantage of all of the development we are doing on the Synthboy+’s and include it in the Ninstruments!  More on that soon!

This week we are waiting for PCB’s. We are also working on making the Gameboy Pocket compatible with the Synthboy+. We had a little problem with a few of the backlights we received from Asmretro. Apeshit is aware of the problem and is working very hard on a solution. I hope to continue working on the DIY backlight manual too.

See ya soon.

PCB’s ordered!

We are excited of what we have designed into the PCB.  We expect the PCB’s to be ready and shipped in two weeks.  A special thank you to FieldingBlue for his insight and expertise in component layout and design.

I was able to finish cutting the back panels and screen-print the graphics.  We are ready for the new PCB’s! Josh has been working on installing the backlights into the Gameboy’s.  T-Shirt backers could receive their t-shirt this week or next week as they were shipped last week.

We have been working very hard and have decided to take a small break this week as we will wait for PCB’s to arrive.  I will still publish an update next week, in which I will detail what we will get started on next week.
Thank you again for your support.