Cases are nearly complete.

This week was spent focusing on screen-printing the graphics on the top enclosures. I was able to finish both the front print and the top print for all of the cases. I also built a jig that will allow me to cut the indents in the front for the two momentary switches. All of the clear polyester windows came out great!

T-shirt rewards will be sent out this week. I also start work on the back panel cut outs as well as screen-printing the graphics. Most important will be the finalization of the PCB design. We are very close and I’m happy with all of the changes and additions we have made. I will show a screen shot of the finalized board next week. Josh and I will be working hard on installing the backlight kits and I will work on the backlight kit DIY guide.

See ya next week.

LED windows installed and more!

We made great progress this week.

First: We were able to get all of the clear polyester windows installed in all of the top enclosures.

Second: I finished the two part epoxy prints on all of the aluminum covers of the USB flash
drives.  These will not ship until we finalize all our files and code.

Third: Josh was able to finish modding all of the bottom pcb’s in all of the Gameboys.  All that’s left for those is the back light kit installations.  We received all of our backlight’s from Apeshit from  He is working on a couple of really cool projects!

Fourth: I was able to finish all of the prints for all of the t-shirts.  Poli our Jack russel
terrier was helping me out! I will ship out t-shirt backer rewards sometime in the next two

Fifth: We were able to get our developer Fieldingblue started on MOD3!  We will introduce more about our developer and what he is working on soon!

Sixth:  Finished the DIY MOD GUIDE with FlippinJax help.  I placed it on a dedicated
‘Documentation’ page under the SYNTHBOY+ link.  You can go and check it out here.

We are really ahead of schedule, so I will post a day early, so I will not jinx it!
Back to it!

Most components have arrived!

Cases were the big one I really wanted to get started on. We had a little time this last week, so I worked up a prototype idea of what MOD2 could be. I still have a few issues I have to work out, but I’m happy with those new low tones!

I was able to get all of the top enclosures cut. Josh was working on modding Gameboys. Ordered backlights and we hope ‘Apeshit’ from ASMretro can get those shipped fairly soon. (I just sent him the email yesterday. Waiting on those last few survey’s.) I hope to get started on ‘dropping’ in the clear polyester mass cast resin windows in the top enclosures, this week.

We still have a few survey’s that have not been returned. If I don’t see them this week, I will email those people directly.

We are working intensely on a final PCB revision. I keep adding stuff I want! I’m giving myself to the end of the month.

I hope you enjoy the sounds in this video. I use NeX’s GBLFO along with MOD1 and now MOD2 to create this sound. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.
Talk to you soon,


Survey’s sent!

Just sent out surveys.  Please ignore the word ‘kit’ for those who ordered colored Gameboy’s.  When creating the survey it had the tendency to auto populate fields.  Those who ordered kits, will receive kits and those who ordered the backlight colored Gameboy’s will have them installed.  Kickstarter suggests to not send the surveys until the product is ready to ship.  However this will not work for us as we need sizes and colors etc.


MOD 1 WILL be installed.  If you wish to NOT have MOD 1 installed, please let me know!!!

If you move, it is YOUR responsibility to notify us of your new address.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.

Thank you,


Components Ordered.

Funds have cleared and all components have been ordered. We expect all parts to arrive next week. This week was very productive.

First: I was able to finish the high density foam inserts.

Second: We were able to finish soldering wires to all of the components; both the power relays and DB9 connectors.

Third: I revised the DIY mod guide. A special Thanks to Flippinjax for helping me revise the guide.

Fourth:  We started tweakin’ and tunin’ the Sexboys.  These GB’s are so cool:)

Expect survey’s on Tuesday some time during the day.
I am going to delay the mod news that I wanted to share for another week.  Working out a few things.

More to come.