Progress so far,

Josh and I have been making progress. Our developer is making progress as well. We have heard all of the suggestions for CV/Gate control and are working hard on a solution. We will also have a Kickstarter project launch in a couple of months to try and help fund some more features we would like to incorporate. We will start the build of the next prototype on March 11th. We appreciate all of the support and look forward to building some very cool sound modules.


Cool stuff coming!

We are working with a developer to bring more cool features to our Ninstrument. More details will be forth coming. Jarek Lupinski is also interested in making a special version of his Chip Maestro for our units as well. We are excited! The step by step build will be delayed a few weeks as we move through these growing pains. As always, please don’t hesitate with ideas, comments, options and anything else you think might help or add to our project!