Ninstrument Prototype I Video

Here is the prototype taken for a spin.  No Chip Maestro sounds featured in this video.  We wait patiently. If you have any ideas, suggestions or comments please leave a reply.

The response has been great.  We would like to thank Richard Devine for tweeting this project.  We are fans of yours as well.


Bring on the game system sounds!

We are excited to announce the Ninstrument. This prototype includes two original Gameboys and a Nintendo Entertainment System. Some systems have to be heavily modified to fit into a 2U form factor. We believe this form factor will allow an expansion in use of these unique sounds in studios across the world.

Thanks to Matrix over at for his post. Big nod to everything he does for and with the music community around the world.

If you have suggestions or ideas for our product, please leave a comment.


Thanks for all of the suggestions so far.

I appreciated all of the suggestions in the recent emails that I have received. We are planning to start the next prototype build in four weeks. Stay tuned for a detailed step by step guide on how we put this cool rack mount together. We are working on building more information into this website. We hope to have a contact page as well as a pre-order page

First post!

We are currently working on a new concept using existing technology. Using the classic Nintendo hardware from the 1980’s we rework the original hardware into a standard 2U rack sound module. We will update this blog with new features and ideas as they come along. Feel free to comment with any request or idea you would like to see built in.