Sammich SID Eurorack Module

With most of my time being spent in euro these days I was missing some SID sounds.  Yes I know there is a SID module out there, but I was missing Sammich, so I eurofied it!  Conversion took a little bit of doing and some modifications were necessary.  The biggest being the extra row of LED’s on top for the CV/Gate conversion indicators, but other than that I now have Sammich in my eurorack!


Ever have two modules go together so well, like peanut butter and jelly?
Well I have two so I decided they should marry and become one.  Introducing the happy marriage of Grains from Ginko Synthese and Echo from Synthrotek!

Links respectively.

I added a vactrol as a vca between them and the vca is normaled to the jacks so that patch is internal.  However if you want to use the Echo and detach it from the grains, all you need to do is insert your new source into the ‘in’ jack.

Went a little crazy on the screenprint and tried a deep pink and subtle grey on a flat black panel.


Speak & Read & Talko by Deladriere

TALKO1Finally had a moment to try both of these modules head to head!  Talko kicks much ass!  With all of the CV control and the fact you can customize the samples using the original TI sample conversion software, what’s not to like.  Plus no harming of any Speak & *’s has to happen! Long live the TI-99/4A! The Speak & Read says ‘here’ and ‘level’ only throughout this entire demo. Everything else is the Talko!!

More info on this project here:

Muff’s thread here:

Moog Minataur also in this vid controlled by Sequencer 1 by Audio Damage.

Jammin’ with a Synthboy+!

Recently BloodCode got his Synthboy+ set up and shared a little of what he was working on. You can check out more here:


Denver Synth Meet was a blast!

We had lots of fun at the Denver Synth Meet this year!  Plenty of people even flew in from several states away!  Foxtone Music, Synthrotek, Detroit Modular and James from Synthtopia just to name a few!  A huge thank you to everyone who made this year a great one to remember.


Moog Minitaur Eurorack module

Well, since there was no good news from Moog this year at Namm regarding Moog Eurorack modules, I guess I will move along my Moog Euro obsession by making my own!  Next up the Minitaur.  This has been the easiest to convert over to the euro standard so far.  Makes me think Moog is just toying with the euro crowd at this point. Let’s hope they are working on modules for us euro freaks.



Moog MF-1001 Eurorack module

Demand for Moog euro is growing.  Here is a converted MoogerFooger I just finished.  These Moog guitar pedals can be converted to fit into the euro format, but there is some real effort in doing so.  However this has to be the creamiest filter I have ever heard, so the effort is justified:)  I might do a run of these conversions.  Up next, possibly the MF-103 Phaser.  If it sounds as good as the filter than again the effort is justified:)